Video installations for the live performance DIE EINEN, DIE ANDEREN by cie.toula limnaios.

»the visible and invisible, the beautiful and the grotesque form an intimate connection. it is an artistic encounter at eye level, which makes the evening so delightful. in the end there were standing ovations« tagesspiegel/ luzina

»standing ovations for the fourteen dancers, who present themselves as universal with a sensational dance discourse on real and utopian body images on both sides of the atlantic. it turns out to be a complex dance piece that does not trivialize the contradictions in and around us, but searches emotionally for what makes everyone human.« neues deutschland/ schmidt-feister

»die einen, die anderen is outstanding. once again the sensitivity of the greek choreographer leaves the mark. toula limnaios, avoiding easy stereotypes and clichés, creates an emotionally touching and engaging performance.«
campadidanza/ nicola campanelli.

toula limnaios
ralf r. ollertz
cie. toula limnaios: daniel afonso, daeho lee, leonardo d’aquino, priscilla fiuza, katja scholz, hironori sugata, karolina wyrwal / cia. gira dança: marconi araújo, alvaro dantas, thaise galvão, iego josé , wilson macário, jania santos, joselma soares
giacomo corvaia
felix grimm
chor. assistance
ute pliestermann
space/ costumes
antonia limnaios/toula limnaios